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Spa Breaks UK - Rejuvenate, Refresh and Relax

3rd October 2010

Have you spent the Summer months swimming around in the sea, slapping on the suncream (hopefully) and neglecting your skin and hair. Now is the time to put the zest back into your body with a visit to a spa.
Take time out on a spa day to pamper yourself. SpaStaySelect.com have a spa to suit you wherever you are throughout the UK, whether ypu plan on just spending a day in a spa or going full out on spa break or spa weekend.
Detox your skin and open up all your blocked pores in the sauna and steam room and then submerge your body into an ice cold plunge pool to close all the pores again!
What better way to relax and destress than a long leisurely massage or facial. Enjoy a soothing and softening body wrap and rehydrate your parched skin. We all need a little bit of me time - it's good for the mind and body. So strike out and enjoy a spa break with your friends or partner. Three keywords: Rejuvenate, Refresh and Relax - You will definitely feel better for it!

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