Hot weather at last - but what will it do to our skin?

Published: 22nd June 2010
We all love this fabulous hot weather at the moment but have you thought how your skin might feel? Imagine being oiled up and then laid out for the scorching rays to turn it all red and sore! Poor old skin!!

What it needs is a lot of water to hydrate it and lots of sun screen lotion. If you can't get to a salon to have a hydrating facial try spritzing your face with water - an instant refresher. I know we all love to have a tan as it makes you feel so healthy, glowing and well but take a moment to think of the risks you are taking. Even if you have  applied adequate sun protection even the smallest tan means that you have damaged a layer of your skin. So please drink lots of water and apply suntan lotion if you are out and about enjoying the weather! Have fun!