Need a Spa Break to relax? Or Try this at home...

Published: 17th February 2011

How about taking some time to really pamper yourself. Especially as at this time of year when it is dark, cold, wet and windy your skin needs that extra attention as it can get very dry and chapped!

Why not take a very long candle lit bath? Add extra bubbles or moisturising oil , more than what you would normally use for a real rich treat to your skin. Then use your favourite moisturiser and use double what you would normally use, wrap your self in a lovely warm fluffy dressing gown and let it all sink in!

Go grab a nice warm cup of creamy hot chocolate and sit and read your favourite book!

Or if you really want to indulge yourself and let someone else do it all for you…. Take one of our amazing day spas or spa breaks at one of our many spa hotels. You could even go for a few days on a weekend spa break!  One of our favourite spas this month is Fredrick's Hotel. Check it out!

Spa Stay - Fredrick's Hotel - Swimming pool