Need to get Fit for Summer?

Published: 6th May 2011
Ok so are you jeans getting a bit tight, feeling sluggish? Need to go on a detox? Want to look sexy in your bikini?

If this is ringing bells or even alarm bells - you need to take the bull by the horns and dceide on a course of action. Do you just do a quick couple of press ups in the morning ? Do you, like me, think that mind over matter works and believe that you can think yourself into shape and all the wobbly bits will just become lithe and toned?

I personally think that a detox, a body scrub to boost the circulation and a few laps of the pool  in one of the many spa venues throught the UK will kick start you into action. So take advantage of the beautiful weather, get off the couch and give us a call today.

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