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Published: 17th October 2012

Spa Know How

Do the words “Let’s book a Spa Break” fill you with a little dread?

Yes of course, you would love to take the opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily life and spend some time being pampered and preened –but you don’t know how a Spa Break works? Is it expensive to start with? Are you allowed to use the hotel facilities (what does that mean exactly?)  What type of treatment should you have? Is a spa break only for young people?

Now you are anxious and unsure if a spa break is really a good idea at all –not a good way to set a scene of tranquility is it? But don’t feel awkward –honestly a spa break really is something to look forward to!

So –here comes the low down, we will clear up any concerns and misconceptions that you might have and offer you some guidance on how to get the best out of your spa break!

Spa Breaks are for everyone, female, male, older, younger, groups, couples, singletons –everyone deserves to Spa!



Hotel spa facilities usually include as standard: an indoor swimming pool, a steam room, a sauna, a gym. Plus, the hotel usually has a bar, restaurant/s, and possibly gardens/grounds, maybe a golf course, tennis etc. As a guest you are entitled to make use of all of these–in addition there will be Spa Treatment rooms, maybe relaxation areas and a nail bar. In some spa venues there are more extensive facilities such as experience showers, jacuzzi and Rasul Mud treatments.

Treatment choices:

There are many treatments you can choose from including facials, back, neck & shoulder massages, body scrubs, manicures etc. Or indeed you might choose to pamper yourself with a combination of treatments. The length of treatment times (and prices) can vary, from standard 25 minute and 55 minute treatments through to 1.5 hours.

One thing that doesn’t vary is the expertise of the highly trained therapists, who understand the benefits of the products that they will discuss with you -to ensure they best fit your requirements.


The cost of a spa break can vary depending on if you are staying overnight and having dinner, what length of treatment you are having, where in the UK your venue is located and which day you are booking. Spa breaks offer very good value for money, given that you can also benefit from the venues many facilities.

Arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment:

Whilst starting to experience the calm and tranquility of the Spa it’s likely that you will need to complete a questionnaire, and also by arriving a little earlier you will get the chance to get acquainted with the facilities on offer to you

Full tummy/Empty tummy?

It’s never easy this question –as you might be having treatments after lunch –or you could be ravenous as you’ve missed breakfast. If you eat too much it might cause you a little discomfort during your treatment, but if you haven’t eaten enough then your ‘gurgling’ tummy may interrupt that blissful silence in your treatment room!

Perhaps moderation is the answer!

Switch your mobile off:

You – and other spa-lovers are there to relax, so if possible, keep your mobile on silent until you leave the spa area

What are the benefits of the Spa facilities on offer?

Don’t be afraid to ask the spa staff –they will be delighted to advise you of when it is best to use certain facilities –and for how long!

Talk to your therapist:

To advise them of any concerns or sensitive areas before your treatment starts and to discuss the products and treatments you have decided upon

After Spa:

Listen to any advice offered by your therapist. Drink plenty of water.

Don’t forget to take:

Swimming costume

Flip flops or waterproof sandals

A £1 coin (may be needed for lockers)