Why do you go to the spa?

We wondered what made people want to go on a spa day, or spa break - so we asked a few people...

Published: 29th October 2013

“I am a busy Mum with two young children –both under 5 years old. Going on a spa day with a couple of my best friends (whilst my children are cared for) literally saves my sanity. I get to have some time for myself!

I can have an adult conversation, enjoy some laughs –and I get to be pampered for a change!”

“My job as a nurse means that not only am I always on the go, but I work shifts as well.

I wouldn’t ever get the time to relax and unwind unless I booked a spa weekend, far away from the hustle & bustle of my normal life. Honestly, I am rejuvenated afterwards and I seem to be able to sleep much better when I come home”.

“My husband is a keen golfer and although I’m not keen on golf myself, I am keen on the fabulous spa weekends at many of the golf venues that he plays at! I can choose to experience wonderfully relaxing facials and manicures –and often have a lovely lunch overlooking the golf course. So we both are happy- he’s enjoyed his 18 holes of golf, I’ve enjoyed my spa time and then we both can enjoy a great dinner and a nice bottle of wine in the evening”

“I spa because I‘m a woman who just loves to take care of herself. I love everything about spa breaks –from having soothing massages, luxuriating in the Jacuzzi, relaxing with a book, chatting with friends, enjoying afternoon tea –I just love spa life!

“I love to take a spa break and combine it with visiting different areas of the country; a rural spa break is so relaxing, whilst sometimes only a busy city break with spa and shopping will do”

Well, it seems that the general consensus is that Spa time is ‘you time.’

It’s about taking time to spend on you, whether it is to have fun, relax, de-stress, or indulge.

It’s your time to pay attention –to you!