Looking for last minute Christmas present inspiration?

Let us email you a little Christmas magic this year!

Published: 16th December 2013

It’s that time of year again: Christmas is fast approaching and once again I marvel at all those people who seem to be so organised and relish the opportunity of ‘just another little seasonal task’.

They are the ones we all know, whose Christmas cards arrive every year on the first Monday of December (always with a paragraph or two about life in ‘Perfect Town’), whose outdoor lights display always look like an image from a Disney ‘Santa’ movie and who proudly text at the end of November “all Xmas shopping done now –off to get a manicure & pedicure for party time!”.

Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas, it’s just that sometimes  my life seems a bit more like a ball of wool that’s been dropped and rewound the wrong way- a bit tangled but perfectly functional. I am always rushing around buying presents at the last minute and honestly they don’t look half as exciting as they did in the store.

Next year I have a cunning plan- I will be the person who not only is totally organised by the end of November, but also the best ‘present giver’ of the season.

I’ve got it all worked out, everyone will get an inspirational gift that will lift their spirits and ease the stress they have suffered from Christmas shopping!

“What piece of Christmas magic is this”, I hear you ask, well -my friends and loved ones will open a silver envelope  tied with a red ribbon and inside will be the surprise of luxurious  skincare & body care pampering with celebrated products at a fabulous day spa!

Yes, they will receive a spa day gift voucher –guaranteed to be their favourite present which they will certainly not want to exchange for something more appropriate!

In the meantime, I do so hope that this Christmas I get a spa voucher too- it was on my wish list to Santa........!