Resolve to Spa

New Year, New Resolution!

Published: 31st December 2013

I have decided this New Year 2014, that there will be no ‘new me’ resolutions – as I am reasonably happy with the ‘old’ me!

I really cannot deal with too much pressure as soon as the New Year starts, I need to ease into January, shedding my guilty feelings about ‘over eating/drinking/partying’ like trees scatter their leaves; gently- and not all at once!

Yes, it’s likely that I will want to lose a little weight, improve my health and wellbeing, gain a brighter complexion, lift my mood and be a calmer soul.

As you can see, I really don’t ask for much!

Undoubtedly, to achieve this happy state I will need to set a few goals and I will need to challenge myself to ‘raise the bar’ and keep going for..... (as long as possible).

Every past year ‘as long as possible’ has usually occurred just before Valentine’s Day, or Mothers Day or Easter –but this year is different, because I have discovered SPA!

At a Spa (be it for a spa day or spa break) I can indulge in fabulous skincare and massage therapies which are designed to calm the body and soul, I can participate in exercise programs and eat healthy chef inspired meals! I can also choose to enjoy all this with friends, family or a good book!

So 2014 I look forward to welcoming you safe in the knowledge that I will happily 'resolve' to continue this behaviour for the remainder of the year.

If you want to join me just take a look here at some of our wonderful locations.

Happy New Year to you all!