Stay Sun Safe this Summer!

Published: 8th July 2013

The heat wave is finally here; thank goodness for that!

Whilst like you we are eager to get out to the park, beach and spa pool, the sunny weather did have us thinking - are we ready for the summer sun? Are we all sun safe?

Here are our top tips for being sun smart so that, not only can we enjoy the lovely effects of the sun (all that Vitamin D, Pimms by the pool at the Park House Hotel and last minute weekend beach excursions at the St Ives Harbour Hotel), but you can avoid the negative effects like sunburn and fatigue.


We can’t state the importance of this enough. If you are walking, swimming or cycling, you are just as likely to get burnt as you are sunbathing - so get your lotion on! Factor 15 is the minimum, but we would suggest a lotion with SPF30 to get you through the day sunburn-free.

• Accessorise your outfit!

Get your head covered with a cap, straw hat or sombrero and feel cool in the heat by keeping your face and neck protected. This is essential if you are out for long periods of time, or in the direct heat even for a short time around the middle of the day, as this is when the sun rays are at their strongest. If you are fair or catch the sun quickly, make sure to double up this protection, and keep cool and covered with a stylish sarong or light kaftan.

• Be a shady lady!

Being a shady lady wouldn’t normally be a compliment, but in the summer it is! Get your shades on and look sophisticated whilst protecting your eyes. There are some fantastic ranges available the high street now and, with such low prices in some shops, you could have a different pair for every outfit or day out - get some zebra print shades for a trip to the zoo, or bright pink for a hen party spa break. Why not treat yourself to some oversized frames and indulge in a spot of afternoon tea looking like a superstar?!

• Keep hydrated!

Water, water, water! The most important thing you can do on a hot day is keep hydrated. Sip your water regularly - this is especially essential during exercise such as sport, walking or cycling. We all sweat a lot more during hot weather so, by drinking water, you'll help your body to stay in tip-top condition and protect yourself from fatigue and sunstroke.

• Take a break!

Enjoying the sunshine may not seem like work but you still need to take a break! Make sure to take time out from the heat to sit in the shade. Top up that sunscreen, drink your water and have a snack. Once you've cooled down and rested, you can then go back and enjoy the sunshine feeling ready and refreshed!

Stay safe in the sun this summer