Alfresco Thermospace - the latest in spa luxury at De Vere Mottram Hall

Published: 16th July 2013

Have Mottram Hall just created the most desirable spa this side of Cheshire?!

I ask having just sneaked a peek at the newly-unveiled addition to the already four-star spa facilities: the (rather futuristic-sounding) Alfresco Thermospace.

Bringing the joys of the spa into the great outdoors, this new space caters for the English weather and allows you to enjoy the outdoors from the warmth of two heated chambers. Alternatively, you can soak up the summer rays from the bubbling goodness of the hot tub, and recline with your favourite book on one of the comfortable loungers.

This new area is now available to all guests who have use of spa facilities as part of all spa day and overnight spa break packages.

So what’s on offer?

    • The Brechelbath Experience:

This is no ordinary sauna - the Brechelbath experience releases shots of fragranced steam which gradually increase the humid heat to a comfortable temperature. The chamber's copper ceiling then pushes the steam down and around the room, enveloping you in warmth.

    • The Mineral Stonebath:

A basket of stones is repeatedly lifted and lowered to create a gentle increase in humidity and overall room temperature. The overall heat feels calmer and milder than a regular sauna, as your body gradually adapts to the increasing heat.

    • The Loungers:

Recline in style on one of the padded outdoor loungers - perfect for unwinding after your gym session, or catching a few rays in comfort before a lovely full-body massage or facial.

The new Alfresco Thermospace at De Vere Mottram Hall, Cheshire

    • The Soft Pack Sensory Treatment:

By creating a nearly weighless sensation in a body of water, tired muscles are able to truly relax.

Also featured is the UK’s first ‘Body Conclusio’ mobile steam bath.

The only question isn’t going to be will you go, but when to book into Mottram Hall for a relaxing spa break in the heart of Cheshire.