Your spa treatment dilemmas solved!

Published: 2nd August 2013

With most one night spa breaks and spa days you get the choice of either one or two 30-minute treatments. If you have recently enjoyed a night away or planned a hen party spa break you will be aware of how difficult it is to get everyone to choose which treatment/treatments to have so here is our guide of the most common spa treatments available!

Thirty minutes spa treats:

    • Back Neck & Shoulder Massage: The classic thirty minute spa treat, the back neck and shoulder massage is the perfect way to release tired aching limbs and rejuvenate the senses. With all massage pressure points and the kneading of the muscles; you will feel the physical release of knots and stiffness. Fantastic for both massage novices and spa fanatics alike due to the easily tailored strength of pressure for the individual.
    • Facial: No matter your skin type (unless highly allergic) there is a facial to suit you. Your trained spa therapist will have a brief consultation with you at the start of your facial where you can tell her any concerns, skin conditions or problem areas. As a facial is a combination of exfoliators, cleansers, serums, mask and moisturisers your therapist will use the range most suited to your skin and therefore giving you the best possible results. They will then gently knead the facial muscles which stimulates the circulation and muscles (great for firmness, anti-aging and incredibly relaxing)!
    • Manicure (File & Polish): This isn’t as in-depth as a deluxe manicure but if you are on a hen party spa break with your girls or a celebratory romantic spa break then why not indulge in a treatment that will last for days and is perfect before a big night out or special occasion! Skilled nail technicians will start by getting your nails back to natural by removing any polish you already have on. Your cuticles are then shaped and the nail colour of your choice is applied. It also fab for yummy (soon-to-be) mummy’s as some venues do not have a specialist pregnancy massage therapist (although we always check this out for should you wish to enjoy a massage).

If you have acrylic nails then please let us know as it may be better to get our next treatment; a lovely pampering pedicure!

    • Pedicure (File & Polish): Pedicures are perfect for the summer time; all those new pairs of sandals highlight your feet so treat them to their very own spa experience and have them looking fabulous! Very similar to the file and polish for fingers, your nail technician will remove any excess nail polish before a file and shape for your nails. Then it’s the tough choice of which colour to go for - so are you going to go for an outrageous orange or delicate cappuccino shade?!

So which treatment is for you? Why not enjoy a spa day before your planned break and try them all?

All in the name of research of course!