Hydrotherm- the latest in spa technology at Mercure Hotels.

Published: 16th August 2013

As part of our familiarisation trip to the Mercure Hotels Norton Grange, Dunkenhalgh and Last Drop Village, SpaStaySelect were lucky enough to try out the new Hydrotherm treatment bed- the latest in spa comfort and technology.

Here the Norton Grange Hotel spa manager Amber talks us through the basics and explains the benefits of this innovative new addition to worlds of spa, sport and general leisure.

    • Hi Amber, so what is this new type of treatment bed called?

The new treatment is called ‘Hydotherm’

    • What are the benefits compared to a regular treatment bed?

This is a heated water system maintained at a constant temperature of 36 degrees. It fully supports the body providing maximum comfort for both clients and therapists.

    • What types of treatments would this bed be suitable for?

Hydrotherm is suitable for all treatment types. The Hydrotherm massage itself is a complete treatment but the Hydrotherm system can be used in conjunction with any other treatment as an upgrade. Facials are especially popular on the Hydrotherm system.

    • Is it suitable for those who are pregnant? Anyone with sports injuries etc?

Yes this system is perfect for pregnancy, sports injuries or mobility problems. You are fully supported by the water system and it allows a full body massage without the need to turn over.

    • How much does it cost to upgrade to this treatment bed when enjoying a spa treat at a Mercure Hotel?

For a Hydrotherm treatment it is £65. To upgrade a treatment on to the Hydrotherm System it is £8 for a 55min treatment and £5 for a 35 min treatment

    • And last but not least, what’s your favourite treatment?

By far now the Hydrotherm! I won’t have a conventional massage now or have any treatments without being on the Hydrotherm system!