Confused about nail care? Ask the professional!

Published: 28th August 2013
It can be difficult to keep your fingers and toes sandal-ready in the summer. Whether you're a busy mum, rushed off your feet at work or simply a nervous biter, it can be hard to find the time so it’s great to have someone else care for them as part of your spa day or overnight spa stay. Most Spa Hotels include the option of nail care as your treatment so, if you're going out with the girls for a hen party spa break it can be a great way of getting glam for your night out!

Help is on ‘hand’ though for those times when you can’t get to the spa; keep your nails tip-top between visits with some top tips from Spa Manager Samantha, one of the friendly Spa Team at the Marriott Hotel Lingfield Park, in Surrey.

1) Hi Samantha, so where do I start when pampering my nails at home?

The best way to care for your nails at home starts with a good nail file and buffer. Always file your nails one way only.... Repeatedly filing back and forth breaks the nail down and can cause weakness and peeling. Try and keep them all the same length for a neat finish. Once your nails are filed all one length for constant growth, use a nail buffer to smooth and shine. This creates a great base and evens out any ridges!

2) So do I now reach for my favourite colour?

Not yet, next you need to add a base coat. Base coats are available for many nail types. They prepare the nail for colour and act as an adhesive for the polish to stick to, making it last longer and become more durable.

3) Okay great! What’s next?

This should be followed by two layers of nail colour, paint light even strokes covering the nail from cuticle to tip. Always seal the edge with your brush to prevent chipping.

4) Any top tips for making my nail polish last longer?

Yes, add a top coat as this seals the paint completely... Allowing a strong shine with a beautiful finish!

5) And remember…

Use your base coat as a nail treatment to rectify a nail condition e.g. peeling nails or dry nails. They will hydrate the nail bed and stop staining from strong nail colours such as Dark browns or Reds.

That’s great, thanks Samantha! I can’t wait to do my nails tonight now!

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