Get ready for autumn in style!

Published: 10th September 2013

Okay, so I’m sure you love summer as much as we do and will miss those late nights when the sun blazed bright until 9pm and you could accessories your outfit with necklaces not jumpers  but don’t despair, autumns amazing!

There are loads of ways to incorporate your summer style, clothes and beauty regime into autumn, in fact some of them are so good you should be doing them all year round anyway!

    • Don’t ditch the summer hemline yet!

So the weather might be cooler but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favourite dress, skirt or shorts. Team them up with either opaque black tights or, depending on the colour of the clothing, sheer skin colour tights. Complete your look by wearing an oversize knitted jumper and ankle boots.

    • Get your toes ready!

Book in for a pedicure to get your toes ready for the winter weather! Winter can be a tough time for feet, all those layers, the cold, the wet, the snow(!) so look after them now by keeping them fresh and happy! Some spa hotels offer a mini pedicure from as little as £25, with a file & polish (just a trim and colour) from £15. These make a great addition to your dayor overnight stay and you can also book one in for the bride to be as a little gift from her favourite ladies!

    • Carry on your SPF!

Even though it doesn’t feel hot, the sun is still strong and there is much more of it than we realise. A lot of people think they can put their sunblock away on September 1st but to keep your face protected and in tip top condition, carry on your sunscreen routine throughout the seasons. SPF15 should be enough unless you are going abroad although we may just be lucky enough to have a heatwave in which case bump it up to 30!

    • Get your manicure practice in!

It’s not quite the party season but at least you don’t have to wear gloves all day! Get your manicure practice in and take care your digits at home! Our guide to the perfect DIY manicure (with helpful tips and advice from Breathe Spa Manager Samantha) is available here!

    • Face masks, scrubs etc

Your skin really takes the brunt of all the seasons have to give you (think extreme heat, sunburn, torrential rain and blustering winds) so it’s only fair that you give it a little TLC to keep it as strong and lovely as possible. Depending on your skin type and the concerns you have there are plenty of crèmes, masks, scrubs and polishes to compliment your skincare routine in between visits to the spa.

When you do visit a spa, the therapists are trained with all types of skin care and whether you are dry, oily or sensitive going for a facial us a great place to start if you are unsure about looking after your skin at home.  After your facial always makes sure to take a list of the products used with you as this will give you a better understanding of the products that are suitable for your skin.

For more skincare and beauty advice keep up to date with our Whi-spa guest blogs!