Ask the expert: The perfect home pedicure.

Published: 20th September 2013

Okay, so we understand that not many would shout “FEET” when asked what their best feature is but it doesn’t mean they should be forgotten altogether! Just because they are the furthest thing from your brain it doesn’t mean they should be treated that way; neglected and quickly shoved into socks so no one can see them. Here at SpaStaySelect we say it’s time to give your feet the special treatment they deserve and give them a regular pamper to keep them looking tiptop and feeling well loved!

Depending on your chosen spa break or spa day you could enjoy anything from a File & Paint for your nails to a Deluxe Pedicure which covers everything from a foot soak, exfoliation, massage and nail polish so there is no excuse not indulge them!

But what to do in-between spa visits?! Here to help is Samantha, Breathe Spa manager at Lingfield Park Hotel, Surrey and her top tips to treat your tootsies!

Hi Sam!

1. So for starters, what tools do I need for a perfect home pedicure?

Your essentials are:

    • Foot file – to smooth any hard skin or cracked heels
    • Nail Buffer – to smooth any nail ridges
    • Foot Cream – Mint is always a good one to go for as it is very stimulating and will boost circulation
    • Nail clippers – Always cut straight along the top to avoid in-growing toe nails
    • File - to neatly cap of the end to avoid sharp edges


2. How can I gently remove any hard skin from the heels?

A great way to gently remove hard skin is to:

    • Soak feet in hot water
    • Exfoliate soles of the feet
    • When skin is soft gently file in one direction

3. Can I use any moisturiser or do I need one specifically for the feet?

Any moisturiser is better than no moisturiser at all, but one with peppermint or ginger would be perfect! This is great for stimulating the circulation which is usually at its poorest in the feet.

4. When shaping the nail, do I file one way or can I go back and forth?

It is always best to go in one direction so that you do not split the nail. File straight along the top. Do not shape as this can cause in-growing toe nails.

5. Do I need to use a base coat on my toe nails before I apply the colour?

Yes!!! Always use a base coat, it prevents staining, treats the nail and makes the polish last longer.

6.  Do you have any top tips for keeping your feet soft and smooth?

Exfoliate once a week and cream daily.