Spa Detox Drink

A spot of healthy drinking!

Published: 9th January 2014

If you want to add a little New Year ‘zing’ to your healthy eating plan, then why not make up some fresh and vibrant juice drinks?

We’ve tried a few out over the last few days and they taste terrific and are hopefully doing us good as well!

So here is the recipe for one of our favourites- for which we did use a commercial juicer to make as we wanted to extract every bit of goodness from the fruit and vegetables that we used.

I have to say there was a little pushing and shoving in the office –as to who would be the lucky person finishing off the jug!

Blue Apple-tini Juice Recipe


2 Celery Stalks

2 red apples

2 medium sized carrots

¼ teaspoon of Cayenne pepper

12-16 black grapes

20-24 Blueberries


Celery is known to have properties that can aid in eliminating water retention. Carrots are a great source of Vitamin A and can add a touch of sweetness to your juice. Apples can help aid digestion and the remainder of the ingredients add the colour, ‘zing’ and ‘tini’ elements to the juice!

Absolutely Delicious!