Mum’s the Word....

Experience Elemis Cellular Recovery Capsules!

Published: 25th March 2014

Mother’s Day can provide the opportunity to tell your mother (or show her) how much you appreciate and love her – (although we know it doesn’t take a ‘designated day’ for you to do so)!

If you’re a mother yourself, ‘Mothers Day’ allows you to enjoy being made to feel special by your children when they make you breakfast and write you a mushy card, or take you for a lovely lunch or afternoon tea. Or perhaps you are planning on buying your own mother a gift of perfume or flowers.

But better still why not treat your Mother (or drop a hint to your own family that you would like this) to a fabulous skincare present of Cellular Recovery Capsules from the renowned Elemis range!

The packaging is perfect for a Mother’s day present as the capsules come in a luxurious turquoise gift box which is tied with a pink ribbon- this is a real dressing table must-have or an adorable gift for someone special!

This March, Elemis celebrate this iconic product’s 10th Anniversary with an enchanting limited edition duo, which contains two individual supersize jars, one of pink and one of green capsules (60 of each), plus there are two mini travel pots which are absolutely perfect for when you’re on the move.

These little pink & green gems –launched 10 years ago, are beautiful in the simplicity of their design whilst being packed with skincare benefits and aroma-therapeutic power.


Apply the pink Rose capsules after cleansing and toning your skin and follow with your daily moisturiser. (For optimum results, Elemis recommends their Pro-Collagen Marine Cream).

The Rose capsules contain a blend of pure moringa oil and rose absolute, a formulation that helps to provide the skin with maximum renewing and revitalising energy throughout the day.

This pure oil stimulates micro-circulation at a deeper cellular level, which enhances the antioxidant effects and encourages the natural skin recovery process.


Apply the green Lavender capsules after cleansing and toning your skin and follow with your night moisturiser. (For optimum results, Elemis recommends Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream).

The Lavender capsules contain a blend of pure moringa oil and lavender essential oil that helps to restore cell equilibrium and maximise cellular repair overnight.

Stressed skin cells can benefit naturally and begin to fully absorb this potent antioxidant power. 


1. Inhale... warm the capsules between the palms of your hands and hold over your nose and inhale a deep breath of the pure absolute before applying to skin, this action softens skin and the aroma is instantly calming

2. In a capsule...means that their unique capsule design allows you to get nothing but purity and power in one perfect dose

3. In-flight...why not pop the travel pots in your flight bag and use a lavender capsule to get you to sleep and repair skin whilst in an air conditioned environment. When you land, you can apply a rose capsule to wake up your skin leaving it hydrated and nourished

4. In your handbag... they are great for your make-up case for a lightweight on-the-go skincare hit

5. In a bad mood... they release the ‘endorphin bliss effect’ so your spirits will be instantly lifted

6. In your bath... great when your skin is warmed, as the lavender will help you get a restful night’s sleep

7. In need... when your skin is getting a little dull and dusty, these capsules will ‘hoover’ up all the oxidants to reveal your radiance once more

8. In no time to luxuriate in the bath? Then simply apply a lavender capsule before nodding off to sleep- for overnight repair?

Go on, treat your mum to a special gift this Mother's Day!

Elemis have collaborated with Wellbeing of Women charity and will be donating £15,000 from sales of this collection to support their incredible work in raising funds for medical research across a broad range of health issues that women can face.


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