Looking for a bank holiday bargain…

…But not sure where to start?

Published: 6th August 2014

Last minute breaks can be tricky to plan. You have to get dates, availability and prices worked out with less time than usual, which can sometimes feel a bit stressful. Add to that the number of people looking for a spa and hotel deal on a bank holiday weekend and all the details can become a bit mind boggling!

Well that’s where we step in!

All we need from you is the following four questions answered and we can start finding you your perfect spa day or spa break this bank holiday weekend:

1)      Are you looking for a day, one night or two night spa deal?

2)      How many people are coming?

3)      What’s your budget per person?

4)      What city or county are you hoping to visit?

And that’s all we need to know to start planning and booking in your summer spa treat!

So if you love the idea of a stress-free stay or day away then contact the SpaStaySelect team on FREEPHONE 0800 411 8797 or email your enquiry to us at enquire@spastayselect.com