The benefits of a pre-summer scrub

Let’s get ready for summer! 

Published: 28th May 2015

So the sun has (finally) started shining and all this cloudless weather has got us thinking- what about our skin?! Hidden under layer upon layer for months, it’s been itching for the chance to get out from all that wool! One of our top tips for getting your skin beach, summer and spa ready is to use an exfoliating scrub. ‘But why’ you ask? Let us explain…

1) At SpaStaySelect we are big fans of sun protection, so we believe that fake tan is fabulous! If you are preparing your skin for this then remember to use a body scrub to get rid of any dead skin so that your tan applies as evenly as possible.

2) Jumping in and out of the pool can leave your skin feeling a little dried out so moisturising is key. By exfoliating once or twice a week (depending on the roughness of your scrub) your skin will not only feel softer; it will absorb the moisturiser more effectively. 

3) After months of battling the cold, trudging in heavy winter shoes (and don’t even get us started on if it starts raining), your feet deserve a treat! Using a pumice stone or foot exfoliator to gently remove the dead skin from your heels for sandal ready feet! 

4) Whilst waxing, shaving and epilating are not exclusive to summer, we felt that they deserve a mention as all can lead to the odd in-growing hair (ouch). Using a body scrub or exfoliating bath mitts with your shower gel can help keep these at bay.

5) Don’t forget your face! Use an exfoliator that is specifically designed for the skin on your face to freshen up your skin once a week. It’s great for leaving your skin feeling brighter and will also help your moisturiser to be more effective! 

Just writing that has us convinced- we’re off to find a fruity smelling summer scrub!