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Borough Market Hotel Chocolat Rhubarb cheesecake - Hotel Chocolat Hotel Chocolat Rabot 1745

We welcome you to our unique restaurant with a bar, cafe and terrace overlooking the bustling Borough Market.
Not only can you enjoy a fantastic afternoon tea, brunch, simply dazzling array of inventive cocoa cocktails, but Rabot 1745  additionally offers contemporary dishes based upon Caribbean, West Indian and British traditions - using freshly roasted cocoa as a subtle savoury spice.
We bring the Saint Lucian party spirit to London with our Rabot Terrace open-air dining space with a beautiful view overlooking the historic Borough Market.

You can book a place on the terrace to enjoy fabulously laid-back dining and drinks and some seriously dedicated enjoyment. There is room to seat 60 people for a relaxing island get-together for drinks, food and music outdoors after sunset. 

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2-4 Bedale Street, Borough Market, London, Greater London, SE1 9AL - [view map]