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Dilly Daydream launched back in late 2007 when we couldn’t find a pretty, good quality shower hat as a gift. We found that those that were available were made of cheap plastic and were tightly fitting and uncomfortable- or were just plain gimmicky.

Not only are our fantastic range of shower hats waterproof, comfortable and made to a generous size –making them great for long hair, they are also perfect for preserving an up-do or a blow dry!

We also have a stunning colection of sponge bags and eye masks.....and are able to produce bespoke personalised (embroidered) shower caps  which can make perfect  gifts for brides and bridal party members, as well as for a variety of other celebrations.

If you are the organiser for a hen party spa break or a girly getaway spa day –why not consider wearing variations from Dilly Daydream’s range of stylish & quirky shower hats and pose for that perfect picture call! 

Wearing one of these fantastic shower hats is sure to make you feel like a real bathing belle!





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